Hyundai Aluminum Americas, Inc. entered the North American Market in 2018; supplying Aluminum Extruded Components, Curtain Wall Solutions, Aluminum Log/Billet, Solar Frame components and a unique line of Aluminum Step Stools/Work Platforms, Step Ladders and Articulating Ladders. We have more than 30 years of Aluminum Extrusion expertise, component manufacturing and a customer specific service focus.

Our vast experience in The Asian market providing Curtain Wall Solutions for some of the most inspirational developments in the world coupled with our exacting attention to detail while supplying Samsung, LG and Panasonic components for TV and Mobile products demonstrates our commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Our “All in-house” formula for a one-stop shopping experience is certainly one of our strengths. we build our extrusion dies, extrude your shapes on one of our 23 presses, fabricate, powder coat, wet paint, and anodize all in-house. Providing our customers with one point of contact for critical secondary operations.

Our story started with one company heat treating aluminum extrusion dies, grew to include aluminum extrusion presses and ultimately to purchase Hyundai Aluminum from Hyundai Motor Company in 2006.  With our capabilities in South Korea and Vietnam we are well situated to satisfy your needs.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how Hyundai Aluminum Americas, Inc can work with you to improve your aluminum sourcing.